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Integration made easy

Easy to integrate thanks to integrated control unit

from 5.290,- €

Product details

It has never been easier to integrate a marking head into a production line than with the MV5 U65/30 INTEGRAL. Thanks to the internally installed control unit, there is no longer any need for an external control unit. Programming is done via an external PC (MV5 U65/30 INTEGRAL) or optionally via a USB keyboard and the integrated display on the device (MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL). The marking head is equipped with a low-wear marking tool. It works independently of position and is extremely reliable.


  • ALL-IN-ONE: Control unit is integrated in the marking head housing
  • Large marking field with low device volume
  • Stable mechanics through high-quality, double-guided linear guides in X and Y direction
  • Optional with integrated display (MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL)


  • The compact housing and the low weight of the device simplify installation, especially when space is limited
  • Ideal for integration into test facilities
  • Communication to PLC via function block (optional)
  • Fast function control by 6 status LED at the marking head


  • Operation without compressed air thanks to electromagnetic magnet
  • Only 24V connection necessary
  • High repeat accuracy when marking nearly all materials - up to hardened steel


Marking areas (x/y): 65 x 30 mm / 85 x 45

Weight: from ca. 3,0kg

Available character heights: From 1,0 mm, continuously adjustable in 1/10-steps

Available characters: Capital and small letters A to Z, figures 0 to 9, various punctuation marks

Fonts: Standard, similar to DIN 1451 in a continous line or in single dot characters, size 5 x 7 and 9 x 13

Protective cover: available

Mounting position: Any, from 0° to 360°